Can Snoring Be Cured?


Controlling snoring

Snoring cannot really be ‘cured,’ because snoring is not really a disease. Snoring, rather, is caused by a physical abnormality or mechanism within the body that can really only be ‘controlled,’ not cured.

It is a symptom of certain parts of the body coexisting in such a way that when they are acted upon by outside forces (the air you breathe and the act of breathing itself), they make a sound (snoring) or sometimes even obstruct the airway altogether (as is the case with Sleep Apnea).

So the question that should be asked is not necessarily whether or not snoring can be cured—but what can be done to control it and/or keep it from happening altogether.

And as it turns out, modern humans have quite a few options at their disposal for dealing with the problem. So let’s talk about that.

Controlling Snoring: How Do You Do It?

So either you or your partner snores. That is likely why you are reading this, and likely why you are interested in solving the problem.

The main challenge with snoring is not that snoring itself is harmful, but that snoring keeps us awake. It is the ‘sleep deprivation’ that is harmful.

The same is actually true of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is kind of like snoring, but a lot worse because it is a disorder in which your breathing actually stops.

Once again, the problem with these disorders is that they keep the person suffering from them (or the partner sleeping in close proximity) from getting the best night’s sleep possible.

So the entire goal is to end the cause of the sleep deprivation. With that being said, there are a number of ways to control snoring, and in this post, we will talk about some of the most common and proven methods.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes to reduce snoring

This is usually the go-to method for controlling snoring in the long-run, and for good reason. Losing weight, dieting, and exercising can actually do a lot to help solve a snoring problem, because more often than not, snoring itself is either caused or partially caused by a buildup of fatty tissue around the neck.

In fact, neck circumference is known to be a pretty significant variable in determining a person’s individual snoring risk!

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So losing weight and slimming down is usually the first and most effective long-term step for fixing things, though it can take a while and may not ever completely do the trick. In the interim, changing sleeping positions (avoiding sleeping on your back), avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and adopting a more ‘regular’ sleep schedule can all be solutions that fit into this category.


Laser treatment options for snoring

Surgery is sometimes used to help control snoring, and for good reason. There are some cases where snoring is literally caused by the shape of the airway or the size of the adenoids, uvula, or tonsils. And in these cases, surgery or laser treatment can be a quick fix that will either get rid of the problem for good, or at least reduce it.

But then again, surgery is not always a good option. Sometimes it does not work, sometimes it is too invasive to be desirable, and sometimes it is just too much trouble.

For some people, however, a snoring procedure is toward the top on the list of ‘better’ solutions to look through.

Stop Snoring Devices

Trying Mandibular Advancement Device

Stop snoring mouthpieces, mouth guards, nasal strips, nasal dilators, chin straps, etc… all fall under the category of ‘stop snoring devices.’ These products can actually work very well to control snoring and decrease your odds of suffering from it.

Our personal favorite types of products are mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilization devices—but there are actually dozens of different types, brands, and models to choose from. We also host reviews for some of our favorite products right here on the site.

If you really need to find a way to control your snoring problem, but do not feel like surgery would be the right option for you, then buying a stop snoring device is probably your best bet. You can even use them while you are dieting and implementing lifestyle changes to achieve the maximum benefit possible.

Alternative Solutions

Sometimes if you absolutely cannot find a way to control your snoring problem, you can, instead, find a compromise that still allows you and your partner to sleep without being disturbed.

For example, because of snoring, some couples nowadays just decides to sleep in separate bedrooms, or for one of them to take the couch while the other stays in bed.

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There are some obvious drawbacks to this kind of arrangement, so this might not be a solution that could work for everyone—but it is something to think about.

Some couples find that wearing earplugs or turning on quiet music can also help with drowning out or keeping the sounds of their partner snoring at bay.

There are actually a lot of high-quality earplugs on the market that can make this idea work very well. You could even add to this by wearing an eye-guard while you sleep, to keep the sun and/or any movement in the room from distracting you as you try to rest.

But in the end, the important thing to understand is that snoring is not a problem to ignore. If you ignore it and just push it to the back-burner, you are likely going to end up sleep deprived and frustrated—and that is not going to do anyone any good.

So do your best to have a discussion with your partner about it. Whether they are snoring, you are snoring, or both of you are suffering from it—it is important to figure out what you can do about it so that you can move on with your life and get the kind of sleep that you both need and deserve.

You don’t have to be a victim of this very common, yet troublesome issue. Snoring happens a lot—but that doesn’t mean that it needs to continue to happen.


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