Stop snoring essential oils

Who Can Benefit From Using Essential Oils For Snoring?

Essential Oils are basically oils that are obtained from natural sources through distillation. They often retain the fragrance of the plant that they were extracted from, and are super popular nowadays among those who practice holistic and natural medicine.

There are even those who say that essential oils of different types can help to reduce your snoring risk!

As for who can benefit from using essential oils for snoring, the simple answer is ‘anyone who is not allergic to the particular oil being used.’ Essential oils are natural, and are quite safe—as long as you do not ingest the ones that are not meant to be ingested.

As a general rule, even children and sometimes infants can benefit from using these types of remedies—though they do not necessarily work in every case, either.

Note: Always ask your doctor and/or do your research before using essential oils on children!

How Are They Meant To Work?

Essential oils can help to stop snoring in a couple of different ways.

First of all, they can help to clear out congestion. This is most helpful if the sufferer is experiencing a cold or an allergic reaction that is causing them to have a stuffed up, runny nose. Congestion can cause people to snore even when they don’t usually snore, but essential oils can help to clean out the sinuses and reduce your risk in such cases.

The second way that they can work is by reducing inflammation. Essential oils that help to do this are probably going to be the most useful for regular snorers, as they can help to widen the breathing passages and make it easier for air to pass in and out without causing as much vibration.

Essential oils in boiling water

As for how you use them, most people either put the oil on their chest or under their nose, or make a solution with it by boiling water and adding it to the water. They then place a towel over their head and ‘inhale’ the fumes, which produces an aromatherapy-type effect.

Do We Believe That Stop Snoring Essential Oils Can Help?

Yes, actually, we have had some pretty good experience with essential oils. Granted, they might not help all the time, but there are people who manage to put a pretty big dent in their snoring risk by using essential oils in aromatherapy treatments before bed.

They are especially useful if you are more congested than usual.

What We Like

What we like the most about stop snoring essential oils is that they are holistic and non-invasive. You will not need to put anything into your mouth to use them, and they can pretty much be used by anyone. Even children, who are too young to use MADs or TSDs, can make use of essential oils in some cases to help alleviate congestion or snoring troubles. 

What We Dislike

Unfortunately, essential oils do not work for everyone—and that is probably the biggest downfall of this type of product. Of course, there is a chance that any product you buy may not work—but essential oils seem like they may be less likely to help than most other types of products on the market.


Rarely, some people can have allergic reactions to them as well… but honestly, this isn’t very common with essential oils, as they are all natural. 

Who Could Benefit From Products Like This?

People will probably tend to do better with essential oils if their snoring is caused by allergies, congestion, or inflammation—as these are the conditions that essential oils are most likely to treat.

Allergies, congestion, or inflammation

This does not mean that essential oils cannot be used to treat other types of snoring, including regular soft palate vibration—but it does mean that you may be less likely to reap the benefits if you use them when your snoring is not caused by congestion or inflammation.

Who Should Avoid Using These Types Of Products?

People who are pregnant might need to be careful about using some types of essential oils. We are not aware of any studies that indicate that the most popular essential oils are actually harmful to pregnant women, but some doctors still advise women who are expecting to avoid them.

There are also some oils that should not be used by children or teenagers—though these are admittedly rare. For the most part, most essential oils are safe to be used by almost anyone.

Consumer Views Found Online

There are actually a lot of conflicting opinions about essential oils online. There tend to be two predominant schools of thought… those who are really, really supportive of them, and those who think of them more as natural ‘pseudoscientific’ remedies that don’t actually work.

We tend to think of them as a good thing, because we have tried them for snoring and found them to work relatively well—though we have seen more success with other methods, like MADs and TSDs.

How Much Should I Spend Buying Stop Snoring Essential Oils?

This mostly depends on what types of oils you are going to be using. Bottles of essential oils can cost anywhere from $10 to $100, or even more for some of the more expensive brands/types. There are several that you can use for snoring, so doing a bit of research will probably help you to make the best choice for you.

What Are Some Possible Alternatives?

Essential oils are sometimes sold in ‘blends’ that you can use for aromatherapy. These blends still have essential oils in them, but consist of a blend of some of the more popular types of oils intended for that specific purpose. We know that several companies sell snoring blends, so this might be a way to get into essential oil therapy easier and for less money.


Stop Snoring essential oils might not be the first remedy that you think of when you think of treating snoring—but they are certainly useful, and can do a lot to help you overcome the problem in some cases. They are very easy to use and minimally invasive. They also usually smell great—so those are all very positive upsides.

We wish that they worked a bit more consistently, of course—but as it is, they are certainly worth a try. You never know if they might work, and you could be very pleasantly surprised.


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