ApneaRX Review – Sleep Apnea Aid That Works?

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What Is ApneaRX?

ApneaRX is basically a fully-adjustable mandibular advancement device (MAD) that claims to give you control over your sleep, snoring, and even sleep apnea. Of course, many MADs are only cleared for the treatment of snoring… so that makes ApneaRX a bit different.

The fact that this device was built to actually treat sleep apnea makes it unique.

But does it really do what it claims to do? Here is what you need to know.

What Does ApneaRX Claim to Do?

ApneaRX is basically an MAD that claims to be clinically proven to treat mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Obviously, OSA is a much more severe problem than regular snoring, because in the long-run it can severely threaten your health.

In fact, the most common treatment for OSA is usually a CPAP machine—though this also comes with its own downsides, despite being pretty effective.

Needless to say, treating OSA with a simple mouthpiece instead of an entire machine would make everything easier. But is it really going to work?

We did some research to check it out. Here is what you need to know.

How to Use ApneaRX

The ApneaRX basically uses a technique called ‘mandibular repositioning’ to help advance the lower jawline. This creates more room in the back of the airway, which admittedly does a lot to help prevent further occurrences of OSA. In fact, OSA is usually caused by this exact problem. When the airway gets too closed-in and there is not enough room for proper airflow, soft palate vibration can occur (snoring).

How ApneaRX works

But if the upper airway gets so blocked that breathing ceases altogether, an apnea occurs… and that is certainly a much worse problem.

So to use this device, you would need to wear it all night long, while you sleep, so that you could enjoy the benefits of the mandibular repositioning mechanism.

That’s about it. It is actually a pretty simple product.

You can also custom-fit it and adjust it thanks to the on-board jaw advancement adjustment controller, which is pretty neat.

Clinical Background & Certificates

Claiming to treat OSA is no picnic… so we are always double-sure to check on clinical records for devices that do claim to solve the problem.

And we are happy to declare that ApneaRX does seem to check-out in this category.

First of all, it is technically a Class 1 Medical Device, which is a very good thing. It is also advertised as a ‘clinically proven’ Sleep Apnea treatment device on the website, though it was admittedly difficult to find ‘specifics’ regarding these alleged clinical trials.

But then, we went to the ‘Sleep Help’ tab on the main product website, and opened it up to the ‘Sleep Science’ page… and there, we found reference to a Kaiser Permanente Fontana Sleep Center Study that took place in 2013. From the looks of it, the device helped 75% of people to sleep better than usual, to feel more refreshed after sleeping than usual, and to snore less than usual. 100% of study participants also preferred the ApneaRX to a CPAP machine.

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You can also download PDF documents of the studies under the ‘How It Works>Studies’ tab, which took us a little while to find, but we did end up finding a lot of quality information here once we realized where it was!

So yeah. Flying colors for the ApneaRX in this category!

Who Is ApneaRX For?

From what we can tell by reading through the information located on the website, this device was made for you as long as you fall into at least some of these categories…

  • You Snore
  • Your suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • You have at least most of your teeth still intact
  • You grind your teeth in your sleep
  • You are at least 18 years of age

Who May Not Benefit From Using the ApneaRX?

If you are under the age of 18, you are really not supposed to use any kind of stop snoring mouthpiece at all, as it can have an impact on the growth and development of the structures in the jaw and teeth.

Other snoring solutions

With that being said, you will also not be able to use this device if you do not have enough teeth to hold it in place. If you wear full dentures, this device may not be for you.

But one cool thing about this product is that it also helps with bruxism (teeth grinding), because it does provide some cushioning between the teeth and could also potentially be used as a substitute for a teeth-grinding mouthpiece as well. So that is a plus!

More About the Company Behind the Brand

Screenshot of ApneaRXThe manufacturer of the device seems to be a company called APAC Health and Medical NZ LTD. You can reach them by phone at 0800 111 325, or via email at info@apachealthandmedical.com.

We were unable to locate an actual physical address for the company, but we do know that their headquarters seems to be in Auckland NZ.

This website did a great job of providing us with information about the materials used in the construction of the ApneaRX. According to the website, the mouthpiece is made with dental-grade copolymers, which ensure both high quality and longevity. It is also BPA and latex free, and is built in the USA.

This device comes with both a 12 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. We were pretty pumped to see both of these offered on the device. It would have been nicer to see a 90 day money back guarantee offered on a device in this price category, but hey… we will take what we can get, and we weren’t disappointed by this.

Awards & Media Background

ApneaRX made the cut to register their device as a Class 1 Medical Device, which is a feat that few MADs have managed to achieve in this market. It is also said to be available at all Harvey Norman stores, which is also pretty cool.

The site also maintains a ‘news’ page that seems to be more of a blog where they publish content related to sleep health, but there is not much to be found there.

The company also seems to run a Facebook page. But from the looks of it, they don’t update it much and do not have many followers.

Pricing & Checkout Security

Pricing is a bit high on this product when you compare it to other MADs on the market… but it is also true that few products are actually dedicated to treating OSA like this one.

If you want to order and use the ApneaRX, it will cost you $349.

As far as checkout security is concerned, you have the option to pay with PayPal and credit/debit cards, though we were not totally sure exactly what service/plugin/company this business was using for their checkout.

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It did seem secure to us, but we didn’t find anything to really help us to be double-sure of this. For what it was worth, the way it sent us right to PayPal did make it feel safe and secure.

Shipping Costs to New Zealand

This product ships free to New Zealand, which is awesome!

Any Signs That ApneaX Could Cause Any Side Effects?

The ApneaRX may cause some saliva buildup, which could be a little annoying if you aren’t used to it. It is possible that the device could also cause soreness in the jaw from the advancement, thought the company also says that you can use the micro-calibration settings to dial back the advancement if it becomes uncomfortable.

Of course, wearing any device like this can cause some minor discomfort anyway, mostly because people are not inherently used to sleeping with a mouth-guard on in most cases. But the company also says that this can usually be fixed by using the device for 3 to 5 nights consistently to get used to it.

Summary of Our Findings

In the end, we were pretty impressed with the ApneaRX. It is clinically proven, ships for free, is cleared for the treatment of OSA, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, and seems to be a product with a mostly good reputation that is made of high quality materials. It is also produced in the USA, which is kind of an added bonus.

Apnearx appliance

But there are also a few downsides to the device. We really appreciated that clinical trial information was so easy to find, but we also wished that the company would have told us more about themselves on the website. We are not a huge fan of companies that do not make themselves at least a bit transparent, and that put us off a bit.

Obviously, the cost was also higher. But at the same time, it wasn’t unreasonable. Yes, $349 is quite a bit to spend on a device like this, but when you compare that to the price of a CPAP machine, and also calculate how much more convenient this is, you start to realize that it’s not such a bad deal.

Plus, this really seems to be a well-crafted device. They also say that it was built to last for 12 months, which is not too bad. We’ve seen some devices that were designed to be replaced every 4 months—which is just kind of ridiculous to be honest.


  • It is clinically tested
  • It is a Class 1 Medical Device
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping
  • It is approved for the treatment of OSA
  • It can be adjusted to personalize the level of jaw advancement


  • It may take some time to get used to
  • It is priced quite a bit higher than a lot of other comparable devices
  • Finding information about this company was difficult


Summary: It might not be perfect, but if you are willing to pay a premium price for a premium-level Sleep Apnea mouthpiece, then the ApneaRX might be a hood option for you. It is absolutely clinically proven, so you can be pretty assured that it is going to work. They also offer that 30 day money back guarantee in the event that you end up not liking it, and back it up with a 12 month warranty in case it breaks down before then.

All of this adds a lot of value to the device, and really makes it feel like it may actually be worth the $349. Plus it ships for free!

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