Can You Use A Diet To Reduce Your Snoring?


Lifestyle changes for snoring

Many of us have, at some point or another, looked into lifestyle changes to solve our problems. Diet is obviously a huge factor when it comes to anything to do with your health, as a healthy diet is super important in just about every way imaginable.

We are what we eat. Not just figuratively, either.

But what about snoring? Can snoring actually be made better by going on a different kind of diet, or by choosing to eat different types of food?

We have looked into this quite a bit—and as it turns out, dieting can actually offer some unexpected benefits that may do a lot to help you overcome your problem with snoring. It might not be a quick fix, but here are some tips that you can use to at least help the solution along.

Dieting And Losing Weight As A Lifestyle Change Can Help With Snoring

Snoring has a lot to do with the amount of fatty tissue you have around your neck. The more ‘fatty tissue’ you have around your neck, the more likely you are to snore. This is because fat buildup around the neck has the potential to ‘squeeze’ the airway, depriving you of the room you need to breathe.

With that being said, dieting can actually do a lot more good for your desire to eliminate your snoring problems than you likely realize. See, as you diet, work out, and lose weight, fatty tissue is also reduced around your airway. This helps to create more room for you to breathe, and usually does a lot to help reduce your snoring risk.

In fact, losing weight is often considered the single-biggest positive lifestyle change that people can make if they wish to do away with a snoring problem.

Try Drinking Soy Milk Instead Of Cow’s Milk

Soy milk

A lot of people don’t know this, but lactose intolerance is more prevalent than a lot of people give it credit for. And in such cases, cow’s milk can absolutely increase your odds of snoring. If you are sensitive at all to lactose, drinking it can cause your nasal passages to swell a bit—which can then, in turn, cause a worse snoring problem.

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So try switching to Soy Milk instead, just to see if it helps at all.

Drink Warm Tea During The Day And Before Bed

Drink warm tea

Warm tea can do a number of things to help reduce your snoring risk. For one, the hot liquid will steam, and inhaling it can soothe inflammation and reduce congestion by widening the nasal passages. Drinking warm tea can also soothe your throat and nasal passages, helping you to de-congest yourself before hitting the pillow.

One of the best teas for snoring is peppermint tea, as mint is a natural, herbal decongestant. You can also mix a bit of honey in with it to coat your throat and keep it from drying out.

Eat More Honey

Eat honey

Honey itself boasts a range of benefits that can help your health in a myriad of different ways—not to mention that it can have a very positive effect on your snoring risk.

Honey can help to relax the throat, boasts antibacterial properties, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. There have even been studies showing that honey has the ability to help fight infections and soothe ‘inflamed’ membranes in the upper airway.

For best results, pair honey with tea and drink it before hitting the sheets.

Forgo Red Meat And Try Fish

Eat more fish

Red meat contains saturated fats that have been known for their ability to ‘inflame’ the nasal passages. It can also sometimes lead to minor swelling in the nose and throat.

Switching to fish can bring some very positive changes and help to seriously diminish your risk of suffering from these problems. It might not seem like a big change, but every little bit helps when it comes to snoring. You might want to take this even more seriously if you are afraid that you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea as well.

Eat More Onions

Eat onions

Ok, so this might not be a food that your partner is going to be ‘crazy’ about you eating. But it is most definitely a food that can help to give you an edge in your fight against snoring.

Onions are good for you in all kinds of ways. They are good for treating cold and flu symptoms, good for reducing inflammation, good for getting rid of congestion, and can even help you to clear out your nasal passages—thereby helping you to breathe easier and better while you sleep.

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For best results, eat them raw. Yes, it is a little bit intense to eat them this way, but this is the best way to make use of all of their wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

Use More Olive Oil

Use more olive oil

Cooking with a lot of butter, margarine, or even other oils can sometimes cause acid reflux—which is certainly not good for sleeping, and it can definitely make snoring problems worse.

So instead, use olive oil. Olive oil hosts a number of benefits, and is considered one of the healthiest types of cooking oil to use. It has a super-high smoking point, and is considered a holistic remedy for a lot of different ailments and illnesses.


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