SnoreGuard Review – What Exactly Does This Company Offer?

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What Is The SnoreGuard?

When you first visit the SnoreGuard website landing page, you are greeted with a message that says this.

“Stop Snoring With SnoreGuard. 100% Guaranteed. Book Your Free Consultation Today.”

But this doesn’t say much about what the product actually does. Once you scroll down a bit, however, you quickly become even more confused.

Yes, this is a pretty confusing website—but only because the SnoreGuard is not just one specific product. In fact, SnoreGuard is more of a ‘solution that uses several devices’ than a ‘device’ itself. According to the official website, there are many different reasons for why people snore. This is absolutely true… so, as of yet, everything on the website was making sense.

But they also go on to say that, because of this, they have designed and developed four specifically-targeted devices, each aimed to solve a unique snoring problem.

In other words, it sounds like this snoring solution does two things. First of all, they figure out what your snoring problem actually is. Second, they give you the right kind of device to solve the problem.

But as of yet, we were not totally sure how this entire process worked. So let’s discuss this a little bit.

Here is what you need to know about SnoreGuard.

What Does SnoreGuard Claim To Do?

SnoreGuard claims to help you stop snoring. But beyond this, they don’t go into very much detail on the landing page of their website. There is a graph, of sorts, located on the site that describes the problem of snoring and how damaging it can be. They also reference the fact that each device they make is custom-fitted to the patient.

But beyond this, we found nothing about the solution on the landing page.

What we did find, however, was a link that said this.

“Book Your Free Consultation Today.”

It seemed, at this point, completely possible that this particular solution would require the patient to get some kind of screening to see exactly what was causing the problem. So we clicked on this button to follow the trail.

All that this did, however, was take us to a page with a form that you could fill out to contact them for a free consultation. There was also a phone number (listed below) that you could call. We were not sure what all a ‘consultation’ consisted of, but we were definitely interested in finding out.

How To Use The SnoreGuard

We actually had to do a lot of research to even figure out exactly what this device was. But after reading through some of the customer reviews hosted on the website, we came to the conclusion that the SnoreGuard is indeed an MAD stop snoring device.

As such, it is designed to help by adjusting the jaw slightly forward during sleep. It also sounds like the SnoreGuard gets custom-fitted before you use it, though we are not completely sure how this fitting takes place.

It sounds like you would need to contact the company to get more information about this, though we were able to figure out that the SnoreGuard has apparently had 3 different versions since it first came out. It has, apparently, also been clinically observed to solve at least 1 case of Sleep Apnea, which is pretty impressive.

Clinical Background And Certificates

We didn’t see much clinical data directly referred to on the website, but in one of the reviews that we read, there was a reference to a documented, verified case where one customer was able to use the mouthpiece to replace their CPAP machine to great effect.

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As far as certificates go, we know that this company is registered and recognized by MEDSAFE, New Zealand Medicines And Medical Devices Safety Authority.

But aside from this, we are not aware of any other certificates that this product has been awarded.

Note: This product is very similar in name to the Snore Guard, which is a different device. As far as we can tell, the Snore Guard and the SnoreGuard are two completely different devices, though they do have similarities. Anyway, this just goes to show how ‘convoluted’ these things can get sometimes, and how research can be a bit challenging when you start to wade through all of the rather ‘murky’ waters of the internet. 

Who Is SnoreGuard For?

Unfortunately, we were forced to compose this review with a pretty serious lack of information—which is the major downside to the product for us.

But, with everything that we have been able to read and look into on their website, we think that this device is mostly intended for adults who snore and/or adults who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

We also know that you need to book a consultation before using the device, either online or by phone.

Who May Not Benefit From Using The SnoreGuard?

Unfortunately, we were really unable to find any information about this on the website. The official SnoreGuard website, located at, doesn’t really give much information about the device in this regard—and that is pretty much our biggest complaint with it as well. Because of this, we weren’t really able to learn much about it.

We even tried just Googling it, only to find that our searches almost always pulled content for the Snore Guard, which is a totally different device made by a different company.

So yeah. While this device does seem pretty cool from what we could find out about it, it just doesn’t seem like there is much information to be found out about it.

Snoring solutions that work

More About The Company Behind The Brand

This product is manufactured by a company named SnoreGuard New Zealand Anti Snoring Devices. They are located at 18 Innisfree Drive, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1051. They can also be contacted via the phone at 09 523 2134 or 027 523 2134.

We also tried Googling the official company name, but this didn’t really yield anything beyond what we had already found in this website.

We were, unfortunately, unable to learn much about what this device is (or these devices are) made from due to the lack of information on the website. Once again, this is pretty much the biggest downside for us.

The company does say that they will try to adjust the device for you if it doesn’t work, and that if it still doesn’t work after they have exhausted their ability to adjust it, they will not only refund your money, but also help you to find a different solution that may work for you.

The guarantee seems super awesome. We just wish we knew more about the product.

Awards And Media Background

We were unable to find anything in this regard pertaining to the SnoreGuard.

Pricing And Checkout Security

This is, unfortunately, another area where we could not find much information. You are forced to contact the company for a consultation before you get access to any of this information—which, to us, seems pretty counter-intuitive.

Shipping Costs To New Zealand

Once again, we seriously regret to say that we could not gain access to any of this information. There just isn’t much of this info on the website.

Any Signs That SnoreGuard Can Cause Any Side Effects?

Usually, MADs are prone to causing a few minor side effects—and we even heard reference to this in regard to this device by reading the few reviews posted on their website. One customer in-particular complained that the SnoreGuard took some getting used to before they could sleep comfortably with it in their mouth… but this is about the only reference to any kind of ‘side effect’ that we have found on the site.

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Summary Of Our Findings

The SnoreGuard seemed like a pretty cool concept, all things considered. But we were able to learn so little about it on the product website that it almost seemed like doing the research was all for nothing.

We love the product guarantee, and we love how informative the site was about the things that it did talk about. But there were so many other questions that we needed answers for.

  • How much is the product?
  • How much is shopping to New Zealand customers?
  • What does it look like?
  • What is it made from?
  • Has it undergone any other clinical trials?

To be completely fair, you can probably learn a lot more by calling and having a consultation. But our general overview was generated by what we were able to find on the website, to mimic the perspective of the average snoring device shopper—and unfortunately, this left us a bit disappointed.

I do feel like this solution warrants further investigation if someone is really into it. It does, after all, seem like it has quite a bit to offer. But the serious lack of additional information on the website just leaves us feeling like there are probably more ‘informed’ options on the table.

If they truly do offer four different devices, we would have LOVED to see an outline of all of them given on the website, so that we could have looked them over. They could have told us how much the products cost, what they were made out of, what they do to help snoring, what type of snoring that product helps with, etc.

But alas, we did not get such information—and this was probably the biggest reason for why we couldn’t find it within us to get excited about the product.

It was also confusing to try to research it, as there is another product called the Snore Guard on the market as well… though in fairness, SnoreGuard, it seems, was around first… so it is technically the other company who is doing the copying and convoluting.


  • The device seems to work well, based on the few customer reviews posted on their website
  • They provide an awesome product guarantee
  • The product has a bit of clinical evidence to back it up in at least one individual case
  • From the sound of it, the product can be very customized to the patient’s personal needs


  • There was simply not enough information provided on the website
  • You need to do an online consultation before you can really learn anything about the product
  • There is no pricing information given online
  • There is no shipping information given online
  • We do not even know what the product is made from


Summary: If you are still curious about this product after reading our review, you can call the company for a consultation to learn more. We feel like this is a mouthpiece with potential, but we were honestly just pretty disappointed that we could not learn more on the website.

At the very least, we would have liked to learn more about it and how it works, as well as what the pricing is. But this, for the moment, shall have to remain a mystery.

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