Stop snoring shirt

Who Can Benefit From A Stop Snoring Shirt?

A stop snoring shirt is essentially a shirt with some kind of feature built into it that keeps the wearer from turning onto and/or sleeping on their back. These types of shirts most commonly consist of T shirts with tennis balls somehow sewn into them or onto them, though they sometimes make use of pieces of foam to accomplish the same thing.

As for who can benefit from them, this would include almost anyone who suffers from a snoring problem. If you or a loved one are having snoring troubles, then a stop-snoring shirt might actually be a minimally-invasive option to try, for a number of reasons.

How Are They Meant To Work?

Stop Snoring Shirts are meant to work by keeping the wearer from sleeping on their back. They basically perform this function by making it so hard (or so uncomfortable) to turn over onto your back during the night that you subconsciously avoid doing so.

How stop snoring shirts work

Everyone knows that you are more likely to snore on your back than on your side, so the anti-snoring shirt is designed to help keep you on your side—and in so-doing, help you to reduce your risk of suffering from snoring over the course of the night.

Do We Believe That Stop Snoring Shirts Can Help?

We do actually believe that stop snoring shirts can help. But it is important to understand that they may not work for everyone.

Whether or not this method will work really depends upon the severity of the snoring problem. For some people, just rolling over onto their side while they sleep is enough to completely negate their snoring issues—and these types of people would be the best candidates for this type of snoring remedy.

But for some, it does not really matter what position they sleep in. They might snore just as badly on their side as they do on their back. For these types of snorers, a stop snoring shirt may lessen the problem to some degree. But it is doubtful that it will actually solve it.

So in the end, it really depends on the case. A stop snoring shirt is not a catch-all solution for every snoring problem. But it is a solution that is viable in some circumstances.

What We Like

The thing that we like the most about stop snoring shirts is how minimally invasive they are. Some of the most effective anti-snoring remedies include mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue stabilization devices (TSDs). But these types of devices come with a pretty severe downside.


They are very invasive, because they require you to sleep every night with a device in your mouth.


A shirt, on the other hand, is a simple change. You can just put it on and go to sleep on your side. This will not require you to adjust to having a mouthpiece in your mouth or anything like that. This is probably the biggest upside to using a stop snoring shirt.


This type of remedy could also work for teenagers in some cases, as it would not impede jaw or dental development like the use of MADs or TSDs might. 

What We Dislike

Our biggest criticism of this type of stop snoring remedy is that it simply does not work for everyone. There are some people who will notice a positive difference while using this device. But then again, there will also be an even larger number of people who will probably notice no difference.


So we love the idea, and we love that it works sometimes—but we dislike the fact that you probably won’t be able to count on this remedy alone in the greater percentage of cases. 

Who Could Benefit From A Product Like This?

The most likely candidates for a stop snoring shirt would be people who are otherwise unable to use stop snoring devices that affect their mouth. So people who, for whatever reason, cannot use MADs or TSDs would be the most likely candidates for this type of product.

This type of product would also be ideal for people who have other reasons not to sleep on their back.

Who Should Avoid Using This Type Of Product?

This type of product would probably not work well for someone who needs to sleep on their back. Some people need to sleep in this position due to problems with their back, spine, and/or shoulders—so this type of remedy would obviously not be good for such candidates.

Consumer Views Found Online

User reviews for these types of products are mixed. Some people say that they do not do enough to keep sound sleepers from sleeping on their backs, while others say that they seem to work pretty well.

Tennis ball shirt for snoring

You can actually make one of these shirts by sewing a pocket onto the back of a T shirt and putting a tennis ball into it, or a similar method. Actually, the more tennis balls you use, the better. We would recommend buying one (or making one) that uses at least 3 tennis balls instead of just one.

But still, user reviews seem very situational with this product. When it does the trick, it’s really nice. It just doesn’t always work.

How Much Should I Spend Buying A Stop Snoring Shirt?

These types of shirts should cost you $20 to $50 online, or possibly even less. There are some that are more elaborate than others—though it should also be noted that you can literally make one on the super-cheap if you are good with a needle and thread.

What Are Some Possible Alternatives?

Some companies sell a ‘harness’ that you put on over your pajamas. It has three big foam ‘stoppers’ on the back, and seems to be a more advanced version of this idea. So this is an idea that you may want to pursue if the straight-up T-shirt and tennis ball doesn’t quite do the trick.


In the end, this is a pretty situational product that is not going to work for everyone. Like we said before… when it works for you, it’s pretty awesome.

But when it doesn’t, it just doesn’t—and there is really no way to know unless you try.


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