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What Is the Knight Guard?

This product is a little bit different than the types of products that we usually review. The Knight Guard is actually a custom mouth-guard that is said to provide a ‘convenient and affordable way to protect against teeth grinding while you sleep.’

We have reviewed a lot of mouth guards on this website—and most of them have been MADs, which are technically mouth guards designed to stop snoring.

But people sometimes also forget that bruxism (teeth grinding while asleep) is also a problem that a lot of people struggle with.

So today, we are going to find out if The Knight Guard is worth the money. Does it work? Does it have more upsides than downsides?

Here is what you need to know.

What Does the Knight Guard Claim to Do?

The Knight Guard is actually a really interesting product. If you have ever dealt with teeth-grinding in your sleep, then you probably know that you can easily buy a cheap, generic-brand mouth guard made for bruxism at almost any pharmacy.

But these types of mouth guards are notorious for being clumsy, cumbersome, and uncomfortable.

So The Knight Guard does things a little bit differently.

Since it is a mouthpiece, you wear it while you sleep to protect your teeth. But the really interesting thing about it is how you get fitted for it.

How to Use the Knight Guard

Getting started with this product is actually pretty easy. First, you order the proper ‘kit’ from their website. There are actually several kits available, including…

  • A 1.5mm, Hard Custom Knight Guard
  • A 4mm, Soft Custom Knight Guard
  • A 2mm, Soft/Hard Custom Knight Guard

The Knight Guards

The 1.5mm option is actually designed for daytime use and is the lightest.

The 4mm option, which is soft, is made for use during the night… but for those who do not clench their teeth as hard or grind their teeth quite as often.

The 2mm option, which is said to be their best-selling guard, is designed for use at night by those who deal with moderate grinding issues. It is still light weight, but it has a soft inner layer and a more rigid outer layer. This provides both protection and cushioning, so that even those with heavy teeth-grinding issues can experience relief.

After choosing the correct kit, you are sent an impression package that allows you to make an actual impression of your own teeth. This is actually pretty awesome, and involves basically putting this ‘putty’ type stuff in a mold and then biting down on it.

You then return your impression, which is really easy because the product actually ships with an impression box with included stickers. You don’t even have to print out shipping labels for it.

Next, they send you the completed Night Guard device… and that is that. You then wear it at all applicable times, which for most people is during the night.

The company also makes it a point to say that taking an impression like this is superior to the ‘boil and bite’ technology that a lot of devices utilize. Obviously, this process is more complicated and requires more steps—but then again, this is a device meant to treat bruxism, which is different from snoring.

A bruxism mouth guard is certainly going to have a different set of demands placed upon it than a stop-snoring mouth guard would. So that is something to take into account.

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Clinical Background & Certificates

The Knight Guard is included on the register of the TGA in Australia. It is also said to be made with quality materials by experienced dental technicians who work in the company labs in Melbourne.

But with that being said, we were unable to find any information regarding clinical trials. It would seem that the greatest evidence of this product working are the positive customer reviews that the company has gotten.

Who Is the Knight Guard For?

This product is intended for people ages 16 and over who suffer from bruxism.

Who May Not Benefit From the Knight Guard?

If you have braces or fixed appliances on your teeth, The Knight Guard will not work. To make the impression, you have to be able to remove any appliances.

More About the Company Behind the Brand

The company that produces this product is named Impression Healthcare Limited. They are an ASX-listed dental manufacturing company. They also have a reputation for making very high quality, affordable dental appliances and devices.

The head office for the company is located at 13 Central Avenue, Moorabbin VIC 3189. You can also email them at, or call them at 08 8470 0235.

The official product website does not specifically provide the list of materials used to make The Knight Guard, but it does say that the materials used in it are included on the register of the TGA. They say that the materials used are high in quality, durable, safe, and comfortable to wear.

The Knight Guard mouth guard comes not only with a 7 day money back guarantee, but also with a 12 month warranty, which is pretty awesome. The warranty only covers manufacturing faults, though… and does not replace the device if it gets ‘chewed up’ due to teeth grinding.

We do wish that the 7 day money back guarantee was more like a 30, 60, or 90 day money back guarantee, especially in this price range. But hey… 7 days is better than 0 days, right?

Awards & Media Background

With the exception of The Knight Guard being included in the TGA in Australia, we are unaware of any awards that it has won.

As for a media background, the company seems to have a pretty good reputation. On their Facebook page, for example, they have a 4.7 star rating out of 5, and have over 2,500 likes on their page. So that is pretty cool. We see no reason to doubt that this company has been basically well-received by the media.

Pricing & Checkout Security

Pricing is where this product does get a bit of a negative. All 3 of their products come with a $159.95 price tag, but it is also important to understand that this includes getting the impression done and getting the entire device, along with the money back guarantee and warranty.

On one hand, we do understand that the impression system costs more. We also understand that the company makes a compelling argument for impressions vs. boil and bite on their website. Yes, getting impressions done does seem to have more benefits.

But are they really so good that they are worth the increased cost?

We have no doubt that this product is priced fairly, because it must cost at least a little bit to produce a product from an impression like this.

But our question is this… is it really that much better than a boil and bite device? That is kind of the main question with The Knight Guard, and we have to admit that, while it does seem like it would be better, we had our doubts about how much better it would actually work.

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One thing that you do have to take into account, though, is how long The Knight Guard is good for. According to the FAQ page on the official website, the Knight Guard needs to be replaced only once every two years—which is actually really awesome.

Most MADs that we have reviewed, almost all of which use boil and bite technology, need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

So when you look at The Knight Guard from this perspective, you are actually getting a lot of value for that extra money.

As far as checkout security is concerned, we are not sure what service they use to handle transactions, but you can pay with a MasterCard, PayPal, or Visa. We always feel better about websites that accept PayPal, as it is actually really secure. So that was a good thing.

Shipping Costs to New Zealand

This company ships free all over New Zealand, which is really cool! So you won’t have to worry about paying shipping costs to New Zealand addresses with this product.

Any Signs That the Knight Guard Could Cause Any Side Effects?

From what we can tell, the only possible side effect that could arise from using The Knight Guard would be a mild amount of discomfort, stemming from the new experience of sleeping with a mouth guard in your mouth for an entire night.Mouthpiece for bruxism


Obviously, most people do not sleep with anything in their mouth, so it can take some adjustment to get used to sleeping while using a product like this.

Summary of Our Findings

Inherently, we really liked this product. The impression system seems to work very well, the mouth guards themselves are very finely made, and the material used to produce them is top-of-the-line.

We were also happy that they offered a 7 day money back guarantee, though we do wish that they offered something better… like a 30 or a 60 day money back guarantee!

We must also take into account that this is a long-term purchase that will last you up to two years… which is pretty awesome.

But still, even with that being said, this is kind of an expensive mouth guard. It is certainly a good one—but is it really so good that it makes the extra cost worthwhile?

You can grab a generic mouth guard for bruxism at almost any pharmacy for less than $50. We have seen them priced under $20 before! Sure, they were probably not as good… but $35 and $159.95 is a pretty big price difference.

We were pleased to see that the company offered free shipping as well. But does it add enough value to make it worthwhile?


  • They offer free delivery
  • The product is made in Australia
  • It comes with a 7 day money back guarantee
  • It lasts up to 2 years


  • The cost is definitely a bit on the high side
  • The impression process is a bit more involved
  • We wish they offered a longer money back guarantee
  • We actually wished that this company had an online chat feature on their site for instant customer service

The Knight Guard

Summary: If you want a premium-level bruxism mouth guard and are willing to pay the price for it, then The Knight Guard is probably the product that you should be looking at. But with that being said, there are definitely other options out there that you can get for far less cash.

RatingRated 4 stars

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