6 Tips to Help You Wake Up Early


Waking up with a smile on your face

Waking up, especially early in the morning tends to be a challenge for most individuals. You will hear people say, “I am not a morning person.” This is due to the long night of resting, which makes the body’s functionality a bit slower during the first few minutes of waking up. For some, it could take even an hour or several to get their bearings.

Here are some tips to help you make waking up early less strenuous and your mornings a lot better:

1. Exercise Frequently

Exercise frequently for better sleep

Aside from your day job, indulge in some physical exercise as well. Walking, jogging or even having some stretches during the day can really help you sleep better at night. Your body will be exhausted by the time you get to bed, and that will really give you a good kick start in the morning.

2. Get To Bed Early

Go to sleep early

Ever heard of the phrase, “early to bed early to rise?” You should go to bed as early as you need to wake up so that you may get enough rest and wake up with enthusiasm. Going to bed early will indeed make you healthy because your body is getting enough rest and wealthy because you will get more things accomplished during the day since your body isn’t fatigued. Try at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily, and that will be one of the many wise decisions you will make.

3. Set Goals For The Next Morning

Next day morning

Getting ready for the next day the night before can really get you looking forward to that day. For instance, you have a meeting at work and then lunch with a friend, then hit the gym late in the afternoon. Plan for all those exciting things that you love to do and that will really motivate you into waking up early to get your day started.

4. Keep Your  Sleeping Pattern Consistent

Importance of sleeping pattern

The sudden change of sleeping pattern can affect your way of waking up early. Some mornings can be sluggish and others can be too early, for instance during weekends. Always keep a constant sleeping pattern with a slight difference of 30 minutes to an hour if need be. This will ensure a consistent wake-up pattern as well.

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5. Keep Your Alarm Far From Your Bed

Keep alarm far from bed

When the alarm goes off near you, your hand might lazily hit the snooze button, but if the alarm is not near, you will be forced to jump out of bed and go switch it off. From that point, you can adopt the habit of going to the shower or getting a cup of coffee. At this point, it will be very difficult to go back to bed.

6. Take A Nap During The Day

Take a nap during the day

Taking a nap on your day off or at least after work can really ease up the fatigue and that feeling of exhaustion so that when bedtime comes, you are ready to sleep comfortably without overdoing it. Sometimes being overtired can be one of the reasons why we wake up very late, resulting to not meeting our daily targets.

Trying one or all of these tips can really help you to conquer the morning blues and wake up with a lot of energy ready to face what the day brings on.


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