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There are many misconceptions about snoring going around in our world today—but misconceptions can make the problem worse. We live in an age where pseudoscience and fiction can get just as much online attention as the real facts, and this certainly crosses over into the fight to educate humans about snoring and other sleep-related disorders.

The simple truth is that snoring is dangerous. It is also annoying, can keep you awake at night, and really needs to be dealt with, on a large-scale, to help the sleep deprived humans of the 21st century as they seek to fix the sleep debt problem that continues to creep up on them.

But how can we do it?

Well, one thing that we can do is to help share real facts. But aside from that, we can also dispel myths, rumors, and misinformation. And in this post, that is what we are going to try to do.

So let’s talk about what snoring is not.

Snoring Is NOT Harmless

A lot of people think that snoring is just an annoying, noisy problem that doesn’t deserve any real attention. And while this can be true in certain situations, it is certainly not true most of the time. The fact remains that snoring is a problem whenever it keeps people from getting the kind of sleep that they should be getting.

So if the snoring (either yours or your partner’s) is waking you up or keeping you from falling asleep, it is a problem that you should most certainly be looking at fixing.

Snoring Is NOT Healthy

Some people hold the misconception that a ‘snoring’ person is a ‘healthy’ person—and that snoring is a sign of a good night’s sleep.

While it is true that a person can be healthy, sleep good, and snore at the same time—the more probable likelihood is that snoring is an indication of a breathing problem that is keeping them from sleeping as well as they could be sleeping.

Snoring Is Not JUST a Condition That Affects Men

Women snoring

Yes, men are much more likely to snore than their female counterparts. But that does not mean that women do not snore either. In fact, there has long been a stigma that it is perhaps even more embarrassing for women to snore than it is for men.

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But we are long overdue to stop putting any stigmas on snoring.

Snoring should not be considered embarrassing. It should be considered a problem to be solved… a problem that truly affects the people bothered by it. It is a source of stress and contention in many households, and it is an important issue to address.

Snoring Is NOT a Problem to Ignore

A lot of people shrug off snoring, believing that it is not only normal, but also common and harmless.

And yes… it can be common, and sometimes harmless—and this might seem like a less-stressful way to look at it in the short term.

But the truth is quite different.

The truth is that snoring can actually do quite a bit of damage in the long term. Not just to you and your quality of sleep, but also to your intimate relationships and overall quality of health. And if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, your problems could be even worse!

It is very important to look at snoring as an issue that can and should be fixed. And it is not even that difficult, actually. There are dozens of quality products on the market that you can buy to help you fix this problem—and they are not only effective, but also inexpensive.

So do yourself a favor, and don’t just ‘shrug off’ a sleeping problem!

Snoring Is NOT Untreatable

Contrary to popular belief, you do not just have to ‘live with’ a snoring problem. Yes, snoring is a pain, and it is annoying—but there are actually a lot of different ways to treat it.

We even host a lot of resources for doing exactly that on this website—so take a look around to find our favorite stop-snoring devices and tips for stopping snoring in its tracks.

Snoring Is NOT Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Snoring is not sleep apnea

Some people mistakenly think that OSA and snoring are one-and-the-same. But this is most certainly not true.

Snoring is usually caused by soft palate vibration in the upper airway. As the soft tissues in this area relax, they cut off part of the airway and vibrate as the air moves in an out. This is what causes the sounds that we have come to know as ‘snoring.’

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But OSA is actually a lot more severe.

When you experience an ‘Apnea’, you actually stop breathing for a moment due to blockage of the airway. When this happens, your brain registers that you are being deprived of oxygen, and ‘wakes you up’ so that you can start breathing again.

But sufferers do not usually wake up enough to know that they have woken up. The episode does, however, pull them from deeper sleep. And many OSA sufferers can have dozens of episodes a night—or even hundreds!

So yeah. Sleep Apnea is far worse than snoring, and you should consult your doctor if you feel that you may be experiencing it on any sort of regular basis.


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